Largest Cost, Largest Reward

Kitchen renovation

The most costly & room in a typical house to update is the kitchen. It is considered the number-one room that is looked at during an appraisal or the sale of a home. It is also one of our favorite rooms to design & remodel. We feel that a lot of quality family time takes place in the kitchen/eating area. We offer the following services during the design & construction phase of the remodel:

  • Kitchen sketches & design ideas from one of our interior designers
  • Structural modifications to existing kitchen space
  • Electrical / Plumbing upgraded & added to today‚Äôs standards
  • Custom cabinets in all varieties and price tier
  • Beautiful Tile work with the latest designs & patterns
  • Granite/Ceaser stone countertops
  • Other flooring options such as hardwood or laminate