Complete Renovation

Have New Technologies. Even If Your House Isn’t

home renovation

Homes need to be updated with new technology every 20-30 Years. We can come in and walk you from beginning to end to how we can make your existing home a more comfortable place. Some of the benefits of this are as follows:

  • Old construction materials are inferior to today’s materials. Having old materials such as old electrical wires, galvanized plumbing pipes, single-pane windows, asbestos ducts/ceilings can cause a multitude of problems. They require high maintenance and can cause damage if not fixed or replaced.
  • Quality of life and overall feel of the house can be dramatically increased.
  • Updating your house today can lead to a much higher home value in the future.
  • Moving is not always an option… you may have small kids in school, non-mobile jobs, family or friends that live nearby… but sometimes it is the right time to make the changes to your home that will increase its effectiveness. Let our teams of experts show you how we make your existing home more user-friendly.
  • Savings in energy
  •  Today, you can be more “green” (or more economically friendly) and actually save money in the long run. With today’s technologies, you can drastically reduce your utility bills every month. Let us show you how a few modifications can save you a lot in the long run. Here are a few of our more common modifications:
  1. Tank-less water heater
  2. Insulation
  3. Energy-efficient windows
  4. Energy-efficient AC’s with dampeners and automatic thermostat
  5. Exterior solar lights
  6. Low-voltage electrical (interior and exterior)
  7. Water-friendly appliances (toilets, shower sets & faucets)